What are The Classifications of Linear Bearings?

- Sep 20, 2017-

The classification of linear bearings, linear bearings are more common in the bearing industry is one of the most widely used bearing varieties, bearing industry is a hot industry in the new China was established, especially in the last century since 70s, strong push in the reform and opening up, bearing industry has entered a new high matter in a period of rapid development, now is the bearing industry booming period.

Development to the present, the bearing profession also unceasing progress, the bearing kind becomes more, is more complete, is richer, in which the linear bearing is one of most familiar and also most fiery bearing varieties. And in the linear bearings, and can be divided into many sub categories, you have linear bearings specific classification of what? Let's get together:

Linear bearings are divided into metal linear bearings and plastic linear bearings, metal linear bearings is a low-cost linear motion system for unlimited stroke and cylindrical shaft in conjunction with the use of. Because the ball bearing and the shaft are in point contact, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with minimal frictional resistance so as to achieve high precision stationary motion.

Plastic linear bearing is a kind of self lubricating characteristics of linear motion system, which is different from the metal linear bearing is the largest metal linear bearing is rolling friction between the bearing and the cylinder axis is point contact, so it is suitable for low load and high speed motion; linear bearing is plastic sliding friction between bearing and shaft, cylindrical surface contact so, this is suitable for high load low speed.