What are The Characteristics of Linear Guide Rail?

- Sep 20, 2017-

The linear guide rail is also called the linear guide rail and the slippery guide rail. It is mainly used in the situation of linear reciprocating motion. It can bear a certain torque, and can achieve high precision linear movement under high load. In addition to the above characteristics, the linear rail also has the following characteristics:

1. The slider changes motion from curve to straight line. The new rail system enables the machine tool to obtain the fast feed speed, and under the condition of the same spindle speed, the fast feed is the characteristic of the linear guide rail.

2. The linear guide rail has two basic components as the surface guide rail. One is oriented as the fixed element, the other is the moving element. Since the linear guide rail is a standard part, the only thing to do for the machine tool manufacturer is to process the parallelism of the plane and the alignment guide of a mounting rail.

3, as a guide rail for hardened steel, fine grinding and placed on the installation plane. Compared with the planar guideway, the geometry of the cross section of the linear guide rail is more complicated than that of the surface guide rail.

4. The moving element between the moving element and the fixing element of the guide rail is not made of intermediate medium, and the rolling steel ball is used. Because the rolling steel ball adapts to the high-speed movement, the friction coefficient is small, the sensitivity is high, satisfies the moving part the work request, like machine tool's tool rest, the carriage and so on.