What Are The Application Areas Of Miniature Linear Guide Bearings?

- Sep 30, 2020-

What are the application areas of miniature linear guide bearings?


Linear guide bearings are also commonly referred to as linear guides. Such mechanical parts are precision parts. Therefore, a little carelessness during use will cause damage to the parts. Therefore, during production operations , We must adopt a more cautious production attitude to avoid damage to the linear guide due to incorrect use. Next, let's take a look at the matters needing attention when using linear guides.

The current level of industrial development is constantly developing rapidly, and the industry’s demand for automation is increasing. Linear guide pairs are widely used in machinery and equipment manufacturing companies as high-precision, stable operation and good flexibility; in the sales process, micro-rails are in Which equipment is applied to, let’s introduce to you. Miniature linear guides are generally widely used in non-standard machinery, and they are matched with air cylinders. Linear guides as transmission equipment have outstanding performance in this aspect, so they are heavily used. Manufacturers choose, the following will specifically introduce these equipment: such as pin models, rivet models, assembly models, testing models, pad printing models, calibration tables, assembly lines and other equipment are used, Reliance Automation as The linear guide manufacturer, its product characteristics are: quality assurance, low price, good workmanship, I believe it will continue to be favored by more manufacturers, welcome to inquire and discuss the use of our products!

For the installation of linear guide rails, it is also necessary to be careful. When installing, it is not possible to perform strong punching, nor to use heavy objects to install and knock the guide rails. Once improper installation occurs, technical measures must be taken. The behavior of the installation.