TBI SFU Ball Screw

- Nov 20, 2017-

TBI SFU Ball Screw is made of screw, nut and ball. it's function is to turn the rotary motion into liner motion, which is a further extension and development of ball screw. the significance of this development is to move into a rolling bearing from slidingaction. with little friction, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.
1. Engraving machines;
2. High speed CNC machinery;
3.Semi-Conductor equipment;
4. Auto-machinery.
Rolled ball screws can not only be used in general machinery, but also in many advanced industries. Rolled ball screw with a motor assembles electrical-mechanical actuator, which is more eco-friendly than hydraulic pump system. Nowadays it's applied to electric vehicles, solar power plants, railway decices, and many emedical and leisureequipments.
Zhe Jiang Senior Guide Co., Ltd's TBI brand is the leading brand of rolled ball screw in China. We design and produce our own rolling tools, and we can produce all kinds of screws and nuts upon customer's requests.
We manufactur cold rolled ball screw in large stock, Specification include: 1204, 1604,1605,1610,2004,2005,2010,2505,2510,3205,3210,4005,4010,4020,5005,5010,6310, the max length 6000mm, we sugguest customer accept 3000mm, it's easy packing, easy and safe for transport.