Performance, Application and Characteristics of Linear Guide Rail

- Sep 20, 2017-

With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, the traditional manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous changes. Numerical control technology, mechatronics and industrial robots have been more widely used in production. At the same time, the positioning precision, the guidance precision and the feed rate of the mechanical transmission mechanism are continuously increasing, and the traditional steering mechanism has undergone significant changes. Since the commercialization in 1973, the rolling linear guide pair has gradually replaced the traditional sliding linear guide rail because of its unique characteristics. It has been widely used in industrial production. To adapt to the modern machinery for high precision, high speed, energy saving and shorten the product development period, has been widely used in robotics and general industry in a variety of heavy combined processing machine tools, CNC machine tools, high-precision EDM cutting machine, grinding machine, industrial machinery.

Performance characteristics of rolling linear guide pair

1., high positioning accuracy

The motion of the rolling linear guide rail is realized by the rolling of the steel ball, the friction resistance of the guide rail is small, the difference of the static and dynamic friction resistance is small, and the crawl is not easy to crawl when the low speed is low. Repeated positioning accuracy, suitable for frequent start or reversing movement of components. The machine tool positioning accuracy can be set to ultra micro scale. At the same time, as required, proper preload is added to ensure that the steel ball does not slip and smooth motion is achieved, and the shock and vibration of the motion are reduced.

2. wear little

For the lubrication of the sliding guide surface, the movement accuracy error caused by the floating of the oil film can not be avoided. In most cases, fluid lubrication is confined to the boundary region, and direct friction produced by metal contact is unavoidable. In this friction, a large amount of energy is wasted by frictional losses. In contrast, because of the small friction energy consumption and the friction loss of the rolling surface, the rolling contact linear guide system is in a state of high accuracy for a long time. At the same time, the use of lubricating oil is very little, which makes it easier for the lubrication system design and maintenance of machine tools.

3. adapt to high speed movement and greatly reduce driving power

Because of the small friction resistance, the rolling linear guide rail can make the required power source and the power transmission mechanism be miniaturized, and the driving torque is greatly reduced, and the power required by the machine tool is reduced by 80%, and the energy saving effect is obvious. It can realize the high-speed movement of machine tools and improve the working efficiency of machine tools 20~30%.

4. strong carrying capacity

The rolling linear guide pair has better bearing performance, and can bear the force and torque load in different directions, such as the force of the upper and lower left and right directions, and the jolt moment, the shaking moment and the swinging moment. Therefore, the utility model has good load adaptability. In the design and manufacture, proper preload can increase damping to improve vibration resistance and eliminate high frequency vibration. But the slide rail can bear less lateral load in the parallel contact surface, and it is easy to cause the machine tool running accuracy to be bad.