How To Avoid Damage To The Linear Guide

- Oct 31, 2020-

How to avoid damage to the linear guide

    Linear guides are also commonly referred to as linear guides. Such mechanical parts are precision parts. Therefore, a little carelessness during use will cause damage to the parts. During production operations, comparisons must be taken. Careful production attitude to avoid damage to the linear guide due to incorrect use.

    1. Requirements for use

    Linear guides also have relatively high requirements for the environment in which they are used. In our production environment, there are not only visible dust, but also some invisible dusts. Once these dusts fall into the linear guides, they will appear. Some undesirable use reactions, such as increasing the wear of the guide rail, increasing the vibration force of the machine, and increasing the noise, etc., will then cause other use problems.

    2. Installation matters

    For the installation of linear guide rails, it is also necessary to be careful. During installation, it is not allowed to press forcefully, nor to use heavy objects to install and knock the guide rails. Once improper installation occurs, technical measures must be taken. The behavior of the installation.

    3. To avoid corrosion

    To avoid this kind of use, first avoid using your hands to take such accessories directly, and the correct way is to wash your hands before use to remove stains and sweat, and then you can apply some on the linear guide Mineral grease, and then other operations. Especially in the humid summer, we must do a good job of moisture-proof treatment.