How Long Is The Life Of The Linear Guide?

- Nov 30, 2020-

How long is the life of the linear guide?

Usually, metal fatigue caused by reciprocating pressure damages the linear guide system. The reciprocating pressure causes the surface of the linear guide and the ball to fall off. The life of a linear guide is the total stroke that the system runs when the linear guide or ball skin falls off.

Basic static load rate: Co(kgf)

If overload or vibration acts on the linear guide system in a static or moving state, the ball and linear guide will be permanently deformed. When the deformation is too large, it will affect the smooth running of the linear guide system. Base wood static load load rate c. It refers to the constant load of the same direction and strength when the sum of the deformation of the ball and the linear guide under the maximum static load condition is equal to 1/10000 of the ball diameter. Static load rate C. It indicates the maximum allowable static load of the linear guide.

Static safety factor: fs

There are two ways to choose a linear guide. One is selected according to static load system; the other is selected according to life. Usually we use the second one.

Basic dynamic load rate: C[kgf]

The base wood dynamic load rate C90% is a statistical figure based on the linear guide rail running up to 50km under full load.

Calculation of load rate and life

Due to repeated pressure, the contact surface of the linear guide will cause debris to fall off. The rated life is the total stroke of a group of the same linear guide system, which runs under the same conditions one by one, and 90% of the base runs without falling off.