How Do Linear Slides Do A Good Job Of Dust Prevention?

- Dec 31, 2020-

How do linear slides do a good job of dust prevention?

    In order to obtain good machining accuracy and maintain its performance characteristics for linear slides, dust prevention is a very critical measure. For this kind of parts with extremely high precision requirements, any dust and impurities are not good, it will destroy the entire linear motion system and shorten the service life. So, what about the dustproof work of linear slides? Let's let Xianyang Weilixin introduce and discuss with you!

    First of all, the linear slide system cannot be separated from the use of seals, because it has a lot of gaps and it is easier for dust and impurities to take advantage of the gaps, so if you want the entire system to achieve a sealed state, you must use a sealing gasket to These gaps are blocked. But there are some particulars about the use of the sealing gasket. It is not an ordinary material. On the contrary, the material used to make the linear slide sealing gasket must be a professional rubber material, and then made into a cleaning ring. The biggest advantage of rubber gasket is that it has very strong toughness and very high elastic coefficient. Although its production cost is much higher than ordinary plastic gaskets, it can be used as a gasket without leaving any gaps.

    Secondly, the use of the dust cover also has a good effect on dust prevention. The dust cover currently in use has two types specifically for harsh environments and ordinary working environments. The softness of the dust cover used in harsh environments is very good, it can be freely stretched, so that it can cope with different machine tool structures. There is also a professional dustproof device, which mainly prevents dust from approaching the linear slide.