Considerations for The Use of Linear Guide Rails

- Sep 20, 2017-

Linear guide rail is a precision type parts, in the use of the process to maintain a cautious attitude, and if used improperly, it is easy to damage the linear guide, so we should pay more attention to the use of. Here we talk about the use of linear guide notes.

One of the precautions for linear guide is to prevent rust. In the use of time, most people are straight hand with a straight rail, and sometimes hand will be stained with water or sweat, easily lead to rusty rail. Therefore, when using, you should pay attention to removing the water or sweat from your hands first.

Two attention to the use of linear guide is to keep the environment clean. Dust in the environment, particles and other easy access to the guide rail, will cause rail wear, noise and other phenomena in use, so often clean up the surrounding environment, and keep clean.

The use of linear guide notes three, that is, installation should be careful. In the installation of linear guide rail, the assembly will be damaged, so the installation should be careful, do not touch the guide rail.