Ball Screw Repair Instruction

- Jun 05, 2019-

The evaluation includes

1.Your ball screw assembly will go through a multi-step cleaning and evaluation process.

2.We will produce a report on the condition of the assembly.

3.We will email you a quote to repair, rebuild, or replace your ball screw assembly.

Evaluation step#1: Run the unit to evaluate the incoming condition.

Evaluation step#2: Disassemble and clean unit.

Evaluation step#3: Check screw form on comparator.

Evaluation step#4: Check screw for straightness.

Evaluation step#5: Check form of ball nut on surface profiler.

Evaluation step#6: Inspect additional components.

Evaluation step#7: Evaluate running condition, and adjust as required.

Evaluation step#8: Reassemble unit: Return mechanism and wipers replaced.

Evaluation step#9: Further evaluation or inspection on torque error, lead error, etc.

ball screw assembly