Ball Screw Bearings are Arranged

- Sep 20, 2017-

First, we understand the axis drive chain is typical, the final ball screw support is the proximal and distal bearing bearing of the two bearing group through interaction, the axial force is resisted, screw shaft into clever use of "that can bear radial force angular contact bearings, two-way force characteristics can withstand the axial force.

When the force bearing inner ring and outer ring by a group in the opposite direction, a pair of bearing ball bearing opposite force, from the static point of view, when the object is stationary, the force of equal and opposite direction.

As the machine screw, the axial force from the table is in the inner ring of the bearing, if we do not constrain screw move, as long as the effect on the outer ring of the bearing an opposite and equal force, so the axial force is balanced. Because of the rolling friction between the inner and outer rings, the utility model can ensure the flexible rotation of the lead screw.

For NC machine screw transmission, according to the needs of different control bearing clearance (the gap between the ball and the inner and outer rings), for the transmission of low speed and high torque, the clearance is made, that is to make the ball in the roll by extrusion deformation, from the perspective of coordination, the gap is negative. As for the small load at high speed, the clearance is required to be larger, and the thermal expansion coefficient of the steel ball and inner ring after the high-speed operation is reserved.

Screw constraint is accomplished through the proximal and distal bearing bearing axial and radial constraints, different installation form of the screw force and ball screw bearing installation form, for the future of daily maintenance, especially the precision adjustment of transmission chain help.