Are Linear Guides And Linear Slides The Same?

- Oct 12, 2020-

Are linear guides and linear slides the same?

     The linear guide rail and the linear slide rail are both parts in the machine, which bear a certain load and realize the movement with this precision under the condition of high load. However, linear guides and linear slides are not the same before, and there are still differences.

     Both linear guide rail and linear slide rail are a kind of linear sliding device. Linear guide rail is a general term for many kinds of guide rails. Linear guide rails can also be called linear rails, linear slide rails, and double-axis guide rails. Linear slide is a kind of linear guide. Linear guides can be divided into sliding guides and rolling guides. The sliding guide rail is in direct contact between the guide rail and the slider, and the price is low, the accuracy is low, and the friction coefficient is large. The rolling guide rail is equipped with rolling elements (rollers or balls) between the guide rail and the sliding block. The rolling guide rail has a complex structure, a relatively high price, a small friction coefficient and high precision. All straight travel as guided sliding tracks can be collectively referred to as linear guides, such as dual-axis guides, linear slides, and rolling guides, which are all types of linear guides.