Analysis Of The Reasons For Regular Lubrication Of Linear Guides

- Jan 30, 2021-

Analysis of the reasons for regular lubrication of linear guides

   Linear guide rail is a common guide rail model on current production equipment, and it is a product with high precision. However, due to the lack of knowledge of many users about its performance, maintenance and later use and maintenance, many guide rails are scrapped due to their improper maintenance or use. Linear guide manufacturers tell you here that you need to add grease when using the guide rails. The lubrication treatment can reduce the friction between the guide rail and the machine, and can also prevent the water vapor in the air from corroding the metal, so that it can achieve the effect of extending the service life and preventing rust. Analysis of six reasons for its use of lubrication:

1. Reduce the dynamic friction. The dynamic friction when the slider is driven is reduced by about 20%.

2. Anti-dust.

3. Reduce the friction of the rolling part, prevent burns and reduce wear.

4. Cool down the linear guide system.

5. Reduce the friction and wear of each moving part.

6. Prevent internal and external corrosion of the linear guide system.