Square Flange Linear Bearing

OEM factory, High quality, Precision processing, Pipelining assembly, 100% QC process, Plentiful stocks, Fast and Safe shipping.
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LMK Square Flange Linear Bearing

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OEM factory, High quality, Precision processing, Pipelining assembly, 100% QC process, Plentiful stocks, Fast and Safe shipping.


Details for Round Flange Linear Bearing

The square flange type linear bearing mainly consists of sleeve, ball, seal, nylon cage and square flange. Among them, the flange plays a fixing role. During installation, the coordinated equipment should have high bore accuracy.

The product is finely processed enjoying low coefficient of friction. This also allows it make

almost no noise during working. Due to the reasonable design, the flange has good stability. In addition, the product also features high working accuracy. With easy replacement, it has been widely used in CNC machine tools, printers, power tools, sports equipment, multi-axis machine tools, and so on.

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Warranty Statement 

We confirm that the warranty period is 12 months since the customers receive the goods, if any other special requirement, we could extended it, and serve with technical supports all the time.


Application Industries

The LMK Square Flange Linear Bearing is widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, precision machine tool, electric cutting machine, automatic machine, etc. 

Our Promises

The product quality standards are guaranteed. Youright manufacture the precision machinery with fine advanced technology in accordance with ISO 9001 & CE international quality management system. We are proactive and keep the products in a high quality and long warranty time. 



1. Monthly Capacity: 50,000-60,000 pcs;

2. Material: V.T.A or as per your suggestion;

3. Lead time: about 7-10 days, pls confirm the quantities required;

4. Incoterm: FOB, CFR, CIF;

5. Delivery Cost: It is determinated by the destination port;

6. Payment Term: PayPal; T/T; L/C.

7. Shipment: by sea, by air, by courier, by post, etc.



1. For any query or doubt, please contact us firstly, we will update with you soon;

2. For any other satisfaction, please also feedback to us, which could improve our service better and better.


Thanks for your visiting, Please keep us advised while your interests to us.

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