CNC Ball Screw

If you are willing to buy CNC Ball Screw from one of precision machinery manufacturers and suppliers in China, Youright Precision is always at your service. Welcome your enquiry to us and further business negotiations, let's creat a prosperous future together.
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Product Details

We are the Chinese factory directly supplying high quality cheap price ball screw, include SFU ball screw, DFU ball screw, SFE ball screw and other custom ball screw.

Company Advantage

OEM factory, High quality, Precision processing, Pipelining assembly, 100% QC process, Plentiful stocks, Fast and Safe shipping.



Warranty Statement 

The general warranty period is 12 months since the customers receive the goods, if any additional demand, we could extended it to satisfy your special interests.

Exhibition and Customers

Application Industries

11_副本.jpg 12(001).jpg 13(001).jpg
Cutting Machinery General Machinery Food Processing Machinery
14(001).jpg 15_副本.jpg 16_副本.jpg
Machine Tools Printing Machinery Injection Molding Machines


FREE SAMPLES can be sent on request. Call me, let's talk more, thanks you.

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